FRESS is the center for furniture & applied arts in Portugal.

It is located at the Azurara Palace, in the heart of Lisbon, below the castle and viewing the river Tagus.

The Foundation has 18 laboratories.  The artisans work to create, maintain & teach the techniques of woodworking, metalworking, book-binding, decorative gilding, drawing, decorative painting, textiles, upholstery & trimmings and restoration of traditional art works.

There are weekly visits to the laboratories for those who are interested in seeing the artisans at work. These visits are an inspiration for developing inner talents and learning about these beautiful and traditional handcrafts.

FRESS offers three workshops: Trimmings, Marbled Paper and Leather Engraving. These workshops take place inside the laboratories with the artisans. The students will work with a selection of traditional tools and a varied choice of quality materials, to create a specific object that they can bring home.

The workshops are open to the general public and have minimum capacity of 5 to10 members. They take place throughout the year.

For further info and booking contact:

Margarida Serra

Tel. 21884600 / 218814639