The World’s first bio-fuel passenger flight was launched and flew 15 hours from Los Angeles – U.S.A., to Melbourne – Australia. Landing Tuesday, 30th of January.

The Quantas Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 used a blended fuel made of an industrial type of mustard seed  – brassica carinata. This type of biofuel reduces emissions by 7%.

“One hectare of the crop can be used to produce 400 litres of aviation fuel or 1,400 litres of renewable diesel” Qantas

Mustard seed is “a source of sustainable fuel for farmers”  – Professor Daniel Tan, University of Sydney – The Guardian

It is good for soil when grown in between wheat crops. The crop is water efficient and can be harvested and pressed for oil the next day, to be used for tractors and/ or exported for use in aviation fuel.

“The seed of the brassica carinata can produce a high-protein meal for livestock, poultry, and dairy markets.”

According to Quantas’ International CEO, Alison Webster, “The Qantas Dreamliner marks an exciting new era of innovation and travel. The aircraft is more fuel efficient and generates fewer greenhouse emissions than similarly sized-aircraft and today’s flight will see a further reduction on this route.”