5 Minute Beach Clean Up

Carolina Sevilla – A Simple Life in a Tree House

Carolina, is a former Consul at the Consulate of Costa Rica in New York City and former Ministerial Counselor – Security Council at the Costa Rican Mission to the United Nations.

At the age of 42 she settled back in Costa Rica and began to live a more peaceful and eco-friendly life in a secluded beach. Her personal and passionate daily routine has created a Global Movement.

When Carolina moved back from NY to Costa Rica, she started sharing her photos on Instagram of the outcome of her morning routines: everyday she would post a photo of the collected plastic she would pick up on her beach walks. The initiative went viral in less than 2 years and now @5minutebeachcleanup has become a movement with over 21,000 followers on Instagram and over 7,500 followers on Facebook. Videos of the initiative have also been published by several social media outlets and the videos have had over 18 million views combined.

“I saw these beautiful beaches at the place where I live at and watching all that trash washing up in its shore just devastated me” says Carolina.

And so she started wanting to motivate people to do the same and taking 5 minutes of their time on the beach to collect trash. All of a sudden a network of people who shared the same goals, vision and efforts started participating from all corners of the world. Carolina also works as Director of Operations for BIONIC® a material engineering company based in New York which transforms recovered plastic pulled up from ocean into high-quality thread used to create high-performance gear, furniture, and others working with world renowned brands.

5 Minute Beach Clean Up with Carolina Sevilla. Photos kindly provided by Carolina.

Today – with Carolina’s contribution and work – Bionic is dedicated to opening the first recycling center for ocean plastics in Costa Rica, a pilot project that could be replicated worldwide. It is unquestionable that plastic is a huge and uncontrolled problem in our oceans and its consequences are not only environmental but are directly affecting our health. We are consuming fish that have fed on micro-plastics. The problem is global and there have been claims that there might be more plastic in the oceans than fish unless we stop buying single-use plastic items. We must protect our oceans and environment.

5 Minute Beach Clean Up with Carolina Sevilla. Photos kindly provided by Carolina.

Many of us are still hesitant to make small changes in our habits; as consumers we need to reduce our purchase of plastics. Our actions need to change, but at a slow pace without risking our own sustainability as human-beings. New decisions take time, we must seed them carefully, but once we have taken them the results are very positive, self-satisfying and cost-efficient.

“TOGETHER we can make it happen” Carolina Sevilla & a friend

Its is really all about OUR choices and OUR actions but, as Carolina says “TOGETHER we can make it happen”.

by Sofia da Costa Cabral