Carcavelos Micro-Plastic Beach Clean Up

A Sustainable Living and Straw Patrol organised a beach clean up of Carcavelos beach, in Portugal with the participation of St. Julian’s International school teachers and students.

The event took place on Sunday the 27th of May and the priority was to collect the maximum amount of microplastics from a small area at the rear of the beach.


The 20 participants were greeted at 10am by myself and Lia Laporte, representative of Straw Patrol in the Lisbon district. Lia offered pairs of rubber gloves and a plastic bag to each participant and also lent two round metal sieves to be shared. The sieves were of great utility and made the task easier.

The clean up ended at 1pm and we weighed the plastic bags on a scale to see just how much was collected. 8kg was the overall result, quite impressive!


Most of what we collected were cotton buds, straws, fishing lines and tiny plastic pellets.

Straw Patrol is an organisation that educates in order to reduce waste and protect the environment. It was founded in 2016 by Carla Lourenço in Faro, Algarve – Portugal.