Plastic Free July is coming up, time to implement some changes,

Say No to Single-Use Plastic!

Plastic Free July was setup in Western Australia in 2011 and has since grown to reach millions of participants in over 200 countries all over the world! What was once a Movement has become a not-for-profit charitable foundation that is dedicated to encourage people to use less plastic and in doing so co-create a better future for the generations to come.

Next month’s challenge is about refusing single-use plastics. This includes: shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups. These are really just a few plastics, there are many more that can be left behind if you are feeling courageous and up to the challenge!


Think twice when you buy at supermarkets, give yourself an extra 10 minutes for shopping and make a point of buying products that have less plastic packaging.

3 Changes that make a difference:

1. Placing your fruit and vegetables inside the bag you bring from home instead of putting each type into individual small plastic bags. Please avoid ready plastic wrapped fruit and vegetables!

2. Stop buying bottled water and invest in a Brita or another brand of water filtering jug.

3. Prefer soap bars to liquid soap that comes in plastic bottles.

Share your achievements in July by taking photos of your  Tagging #choosetorefuse

You will Inspire others!!!