Movimento ClaroClaro Movement

is an initiative that started this March of 2018.  Created by three young women who want to end the use of Plastic Straws in the Council of Cascais, where they reside. The founders share a love and respect for the ocean, for nature and particularly for Cascais, where they would like to see other residents be more conscious by making daily choices that can help preserve the environment.

Friends Carolina Gonçalves (23 anos), Luisa Mandacaru (21 anos) e Teresa Vale (23 anos) are the the team that make up the core of Movimento Claro, two are marine biologists and the third, a lawyer – together they want to make Cascais the first plastic straw free Council in Portugal.

“I did not want to reach 80 yrs of age without having done something for the planet”Luisa Mandacaru

The movement was inspired by the British campaign: “The Final Straw” created by a group of surfers to put an end to plastic straws in Cornwall, UK.

Movimento Claro reaches out to restaurants, bars and events

Claro gets restaurants bars and events to join by pledging to stop using plastic straws. Over 40 restaurants have already accepted the challenge! The team suggests the use of paper straws instead of plastic ones, they are more environmentally friendly. Paper straws more expensive, each costs 3 cents while plastic straws cost less than one cent each.

Plastic straws are an object that people do not pay attention to, but in Portugal alone 1 billion straws are used every year and this amount is 5 times the circumference of Planet Earth.Carolina Gonçalves

The two main yearly music events in Cascais, Out-Fest and Outjazz have both become supporters of the movement.

Five public figures are the Ambassadors of Movimento Claro:

  • Frederico Morais – Professional Surfer
  • Bernardo Freitas – Olympic Sailor
  • João Saraiva – Beach Futebol Player
  • Ana Pêgo – Founder Plasticus Maritimus
  • Dengaz – Musician
  • Madalena Almeida – Actress

The movement is expanding throughout Portugal, now reaching Sintra with collaborators: Catarina Pardal and Claúdia Santos and Ericeira, with Jenny Bavaresco. Porto and Lisbon will be next and the founders also aim to reach schools and organize beach clean ups to raise awareness.

Distribution of Claro reusable water bottles to the children of Estoril Praia (Estoril4Kids) – July 2018

Would you like to volunteer time to help Movimento Claro? If so, send them an email:


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