Mapping Circular Economy in Lisbon – Portugal

Mapping Circular Economy in Lisbon - Portugal

From the the 5th to the 11th of February 67 cities cities all over the world hosted group sessions to map the main Circular Initiatives that are ongoing in their cities.

"Today we have a linear ‘take, make, dispose’ economic model that relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and is a model that is reaching its physical limits. Circular Economy opens a world

Loving H&MSport – Fashion that Moves the World Conscious Sport Collection 2018

H&M Conscious Sport Collection 2018 -

"In It For The Long Run" - So Cool & Sustainable

As a leading Sustainable Fashion Group, H&M continues to impress with it's holistic approach to fashion and innovative ideas! The Group is shaping the future of fashion, as member of the Global Fashion Movement for the Planet. H&M is inspiring Change with responsibility and creativity. 💚 Read more

Recycle and Upcycle is the Trend!

Recycle and Upcycle is the Trend

Buying pre-owned items at auction is a fun experience and can be a great investment!

A brand new design piece can be costly. The price will probably match the brand’s reputation. A similar, more commercial version of the same type of object will cost less, but may not last long. Auctions can offer an intermediate option. A SUSTAINABLE one. There are so many quality old and new goods on offer at auction. It is well worth a search onl