Doctors and Therapists at Villa Helena

Villa Helena provides specialist doctors and therapists, with years of practice and study.

Offering natural treatments based on Western and Oriental teachings, including natural homeopathy and Chinese medicine.

Homepathic therapist and author, Lisa Joanes gives appointments at Villa Helena. She studied the Vithoulkas method, the Sensation Method and also at the British Institute of Homeopathy. She was an intern at Auroville Health Centre in India and integra

Creating an Eco-Timeout Project

Creating and Eco-Timeout Project

Peace, Healing, Nurturing

Patrizia and Maxim have moved to Óbidos in Portugal having fallen in love with the country for it's hospitality, nature, weather and waves. After several summer surf trips, the couple found a beautiful prope

Six distinguished Planet Explorers at National Geographic Summit

Six distinguished Planet Explorers at National Geographic Summit, Lisbon 2018

The event was hosted by Catarina Furtado, actress, TV presenter, journalist, filmmaker and UN Population Fund Ambassador, for Goodwill. With six guest story-tellers and inspiring personalities sharing their experiences and how they perceive our planet. Dedi

100% Renewable Energy in March 2018 – Portugal

100% Renewable Energy

The month of March 2018 was considered a historical one for the production of renewable energy in Portugal.

According to REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, the renewable energy production was of 4,812 Gigawatts per hour, exceeding mainland Portugal's consumption of 4,647 Gigawatts per hour. This data indicates the sustainability of the Portuguese electric sector. It demonstrates technical capacity and assures safety and accuracy. So

Qantas Launches First Bio Fuel Flight

The World's first bio-fuel passenger flight was launched and flew 15 hours from Los Angeles - U.S.A., to Melbourne - Australia. Landing Tuesday, 30th of January.

The Quantas Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 used a blended fuel made of an industrial type of mustard seed  - brassica carinata. This type of biofuel reduces emissions by 7%. "One hectare of the crop can be used to produce 400 litres of aviation fuel or 1,400 litres of renewable diesel" Read more

INTERNATIONAL Straw-Free Day – 3rd February

International Straw-Free Day - a Global Movement  by Bas les

Members Munia El Kotni, Yasmin El Kotni, Johanna Niedzialkowski and Ghita Chraibi founded the Bas les Pailles. "We believe our collective effort can lead to a greater change, and this is why we launched a petition to ban single use plastic straws..." Plastic straws pollute our environment and our health and are not a necessity to everyday life. Today is a good day