Clean Water Supply

Clean Water Supply - 360º Circuit

There is a high demand for clean water supply in the world and specifically for countries like Portugal where the effects of climate change have systematically helped cause drought and fires that have devastated considerable parts of this country's forests. Finding clean energy solutions for water harnessing is crucial. Using the sun's energy to pump water for drinking, irrigation and other uses is one of the cleanest and most sustainable methods

Ocean Alive 2017 – Sado Waste Collection

Ocean Alive 2017 - Waste Collection @ Sado Estuary

Sado Estuary Clean Up

The Sado Estuary Natural Reserve is home to countless species of birds and several dozen dolphins, amid marshes, sandbanks, rice paddies and a vast area of woods and reed. A beautiful part of the Portuguese natural heritage that deserves to be preserved. Since March 2016, 26 tons of sea waste were removed from the Sado Estuary by 1562 volunteers and 1452 shellfish diggers. 33 million plastic contain

‘Vinovert’ – Sustainable Portuguese Wines

Sustainable Portuguese Wines

As the world turns towards more eco-friendly products, Portugal sets the example and joins Vinovert

Portugal has a long-standing tradition in wine production. Many of Portuguese wines are global market leaders and much sought-after throughout the globe. The most well-known wine is the famous Port from the beautiful UNESCO Douro Valley. Read more

Planet Earth – Taking Action

Taking Action

The Sustainable Development Goals, put forth by the UN, are a set of 17 goals that aim to build a resilient, socially inclusive, poverty-stricken future for the people and the planet.

The present Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres is a former Portuguese Prime Minister and supporter of the  Read more