Care for your Body at Villa Helena

Care for your Body at Villa Helena

At Villa Helena there are a selection of therapies available that promote Healing and Wellbeing. June is perfect to get ready for the months of heat that can already be felt.  

Preparing our summer body includes caring

for every aspect of our being:

  Nutrition: healthy, adequate food Phytotherapy: plant supplements and natural remedies Homeopathy<

World Water Day 2018

It's World Water Day remember to:

Buy a light glass water bottle and avoid plastic.

Drink filtered tap water.

Take showers instead of baths.

Close the tap when you brush your teeth.

Keep a large container for storing rainwater if you grow your own herbs.



Filipe Faísca – Sustainable Haute Couture Portugal SS18

Filipe Faísca - Cork, Glass, Linen - Haute Couture Portugal SS18

All over the world, designers are more sustainable in their creations. Developing collections with natural materials including: silk, linen, cotton, wool, cashmere and many others. Portuguese haute-couture designer Filipe Faísca, launched a spectacular collection for Spring/Summer of 2018 at Moda Lisboa! His latest designs incorporate nat

Prevention for People, Pets & Property

Earthquakes are occur on a daily basis throughout the Planet. There are ways to keep informed, prevent damage and be safe.


Care for People, Pets & Property
  1. Secure your home. Keep moveable objects inside closed draws and cupboards.
  2. Create a family plan to decide how the members will communicate in an emergency.
  3. Strengthen your property and minimize financial costs with an insurance.


  1. Take co

Ricardo Diniz, a Portuguese Conqueror of the Seas

Ricardo Diniz a Portuguese Conquistador, Solo Sailor, Marine Environmentalist & Entrepreneur

Ambassador of the Blue Flag (Bandeira Azul) blueflag - renowned and trusted by millions around the Globe - an Eco-label

He set sail from Portugal to Brazil last Saturday the 18th of November 2017 carrying a blessed image of the Portuguese Madonna (Nossa Senhora de Fátima)

Eco-Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes


Halloween is coming up and the kids are getting excited, so am I. Although it is one of the most fun festivities, Halloween isn't the greenest of them all, producing extra waste and encouraging over consumption of cheap mass-produced mask and costumes that don't last long. Wouldn't it be great if our communities and children's schools started organising an event for the recycling of old Halloween costumes?!