Care for your Body at Villa Helena

Care for your Body at Villa Helena

At Villa Helena there are a selection of therapies available that promote Healing and Wellbeing. June is perfect to get ready for the months of heat that can already be felt.  

Preparing our summer body includes caring

for every aspect of our being:

  Nutrition: healthy, adequate food Phytotherapy: plant supplements and natural remedies Homeopathy<

Carcavelos Micro-Plastic Beach Clean Up

Carcavelos Micro-Plastic Beach Clean Up

A Sustainable Living and Straw Patrol organised a beach clean up of Carcavelos beach, in Portugal with the participation of St. Julian's International school teachers and students. The event took place on Sunday the 27th of May and the priority was to collect the maximum amount of microplastics from a small area at the rear of the beach.

Six distinguished Planet Explorers at National Geographic Summit

Six distinguished Planet Explorers at National Geographic Summit, Lisbon 2018

The event was hosted by Catarina Furtado, actress, TV presenter, journalist, filmmaker and UN Population Fund Ambassador, for Goodwill. With six guest story-tellers and inspiring personalities sharing their experiences and how they perceive our planet. Dedi

100% Renewable Energy in March 2018 – Portugal

100% Renewable Energy

The month of March 2018 was considered a historical one for the production of renewable energy in Portugal.

According to REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, the renewable energy production was of 4,812 Gigawatts per hour, exceeding mainland Portugal's consumption of 4,647 Gigawatts per hour. This data indicates the sustainability of the Portuguese electric sector. It demonstrates technical capacity and assures safety and accuracy. So

World Water Day 2018

It's World Water Day remember to:

Buy a light glass water bottle and avoid plastic.

Drink filtered tap water.

Take showers instead of baths.

Close the tap when you brush your teeth.

Keep a large container for storing rainwater if you grow your own herbs.